Integrity Online Personal Web Page


The following are required to access the FTP folder:

  1. FTP program (WS_FTP, FlashFXP, FTPExplorer or any other FTP software)
  2. Dialup account with Integrity.
  3. Internet Browser (to view the web page)
  4. A program to create web pages.
  5. URL to personal web page: (Replace with the part of your username before the @ symbol.)

Uploading to FTP site:

The following is the recommended process to upload to the FTP site:

  1. Create a web page with your favorite web design program. Save the files on your hard drive. The main webpage file MUST be named “index”
  2. Once the web page has been created, dialup and get online.
  3. Once online open up the FTP program, since there are many FTP programs out on the market the following settings are needed:
    1. Host Name:
    2. Port : 21
    3. Username or User ID: the username that you use to get online, including the part after the @ symbol.
    4. Password: the password that you use to get online
    5. Remote Path: leave blank
    6. Local Path: leave blank or specify the local folder and path to where the web pages are stored on the local hard drive.
  4. After the connection to the FTP is made, the files can be uploaded. Most FTP programs are drop and drag.

Viewing the web page:

To view the web page after the information is uploaded:

  1. Get online, and open up the internet browser program
  2. In the URL address window type in (Replace with the part of your username before the @ symbol.)